Society's Choice

Courtesy Kat N.L.M. on Flickr

In the near future, a transition awaits our society. But we have a choice of two very different paths.

Capitalism has brought us a world where abundance and scarcity co-exist. It has brought innovation and stagnation, efficiency and waste. These contradictions have shaped who we are – people at war with each other to improve society.

The pursuit of selfish gains has successfully, yet falsely, been sold as a virtue that benefits society. The driving force of money has turned our focus from people to resources, with possessions replacing communities, greed replacing conscience, punishment replacing education. For all our technological achievements, we have become the antithesis of civilisation.

For technology is truly a double edged sword, enabling possibilities both good and bad, changing our environment, our societies, and even who we are. As the changes accellerate and our abilities increase, the urgency to ensure the correct social system escalates.

There is little time left for a system which pushes the limitations of the natural world so mercilessly and at an accellerating rate. Yet there are few options available for those seeking an alternative, for this system, by its very definition, consolidates power and resources into the hands of those who strive to maintain it.

However, an alternative is possible. Whether it’s technology, individual awakenings, social transitions, or all of these combined that can realise this alternative, remains to be seen.

This is the tale of two worlds. Which world we create, is up to you.