Normal Wasn't Working


Money - An Imaginary Construct Designed to Reallocate Resources Erroneously

As part of a look back at the bizarre culture of the early 21st Century, we discuss the concept of "money", an imaginary construct designed to reallocate resources without taking into account their real value.

Society Struggling with Emergent Economic Understandings

As everything around us falls apart, we seek a return to the “good ol days”, look forward to a time when employment is abundant and opportunity is abound. This propensity is getting in the way of us identifying what our economic problem is, as a result instead of moving forward we are stagnating lost in traditional thinking and cultural norms.

Technology Population and Behaviour Connecting the Dots

What role does behavior play in determining population limits and technological benefit?

Open Question to All Politicians

This is an open question to any leader, treasurer or candidate of any political party in the world.